Reliable accounting as the basis for decision-making

Financial accounting

We tailor our accounting services to meet your needs. We do not turn simple structures into inflated financial accounting. Our financial accounting services may be limited to the submission of advance VAT returns and consolidated statements. However, if you need, e.g., a cost centre accounting system to manage your business, we will work with you to set one up. Where appropriate, we make use of technical innovations (e.g. electronic bank posting, Unternehmen Online, digital document posting) in order to handle the preparation of financial accounting in an efficient manner and to offer our clients an attractive cost benefit.

Competence centre

Payroll accounting

Competence, accuracy and punctuality are the hallmarks of our payroll services. Our many years of experience include construction wages and accounting for cross-border employees. We are committed to responding promptly to all of your billing-related inquiries. This is generally possible immediately or following brief research. Some topics have to be prepared and decided on a long-term basis – this is no problem for us.

We understand your numbers

Preparation of annual financial statements

We prepare your annual financial statements according to commercial and/or tax law principles. Our preparation services are appreciated not only by subsidiaries of foreign groups and smaller companies that have not (yet) established their own accounting structure. Established medium-sized companies also outsource their preparation work to us, as we can reliably and quickly prepare the necessary annual financial statements with our up-to-date expertise. We prepare the relevant documentation for your auditor and are competent points of contact.

We apply the standards of the Institut der Wirtschaftsprüfer in Deutschland e.V. (IDW) when preparing annual financial statements in accordance with commercial law. Depending on your needs, you can choose between the preparation of annual financial statements without audit procedures, the preparation of annual financial statements with plausibility assessments or the preparation of annual financial statements with comprehensive audit procedures.

Individual service

Tax consulting

We advise you holistically, consider your very personal situation, taking into account all tax laws and current case law. We talk with you and listen to you so we can consider everything. Trust and confide in us!

Examples of our activities:

  • Tax law for private individuals (income tax, inheritance and gift tax)
  • Corporate tax law (corporate income tax and local business tax)
  • Support during tax audits, opposition and legal action proceedings
  • International tax law (e.g. application of double taxation treaties and corresponding national legislation)
  • VAT
  • Real estate transfer tax
  • Advice on establishing procedural principles and implementing a tax compliance system
  • VAT and/or income tax registration of foreign companies that become active in Germany
  • Tax law advice with regard to restructurings as well as acquisitions and sales of companies (asset and share deals)
Solid added value


As part of the traditional annualaudit,we examine the compliance of the annual financial statements and, where appropriate, the management report. We offer this service to small companies that are not obliged to have their annual financial statements audited, e.g. in the interest of their owners. Small companies usually benefit from our advice on how to improve processes and on tax issues.

In addition, we have built up expertise in energylaw audits (EEG, KWKG, electricity price compensation) and in audits under the Brokers andCommercialDevelopers Ordinance.

We work in accordance with the standards and declarations of the Institut der Wirtschaftsprüfer in Deutschland e.V. (Institute of Public Auditors in Germany – IDW) and are registered as auditors with the Chamber of Public Accountants K.d.ö.R. in Berlin.